Why Did I Rarely Update My Blog?

Assalamualaikum. Cinta.

Anyone miss me? lol. Just kidding. ^_^

Lately, I don't really spend time with my friends and also my blog. The leisure time I have will be spent either at my home or my parent's house especially weekends. Working mom is tiring. hurmmmmmm.. -_-" But still, I have time for myself. I can still chitchat with my other half every night, update my instagram and facebook, and spent my valuable time with my little angel, Hadirah even though not everyday. *sigh*

Almost every weekends, I will go back to KKB and spend most of the time with my little angel and my family. But it is not that easy.. Simpan dalam hati. Berdoa. Moga segalanya dipermudahkan oleh Allah swt suatu hari nanti.

When it comes to weekdays, after office hours, I will stay in my room and start surfing, getting idea what to write in my blog and my planner, how to decorate my planner, watching movies or series drama with Mr. Akoy, etc. I have so many plans in my mind, everything is just so overwhelming. But I don't know..is it will turn to be good or not. And again. Pray. May Allah ease everything.

Anyway, I made some good friends at work. But I think our relationship stays within the four-walls. I just like it that way for right now. Sometimes cutting people out of your life is easy, keeping them in is hard. It takes years to build trust and just seconds to destroy it. I've learned it before. So I'm afraid if it might hurt me or them later on. Better keep the distance as far as you can.

"It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend." - William Blake

Moody. Sometimes.
Tiba-tiba idea untuk menulis blog hilang dibawa pergi bersama mood. *sigh*
Because I already let my emotions become who I am and run my life. As for right now, I have to recognize and identify my emotions, and then let them go. Arghhhh.. It's a lot easier said than done!

At this point of time, I am thankful to Allah for the grace He showered me with. What’s done is done. Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow.



  1. be strong. Allah hanya bagi dugaan pada kita keran Dia tahu kita mampu dan boleh mengahadapinya inshaaAllah :)

  2. hai Sue, lama tak dgr cerita sue, harap sihat hendaknya. Dont let the emotion ruins your passion in blogging ye dear.. instead use the emotion to write something here or just express your feeling here pon okay..

    1. alhamdulillah.. sihat kak eny :)
      tq kak eny.. InshaaAllah.. ^_^

  3. Replies
    1. tabah dan sabar.. :)
      tq abg lan a.k.a. abah akiff ^_^

  4. ouch, quote tu memang makan dalam rasanya. T_T sy sendiri senang develop trust kat orang, opposite pulak rasanya. :)