Lima Tahun

Assalamualaikum. Cinta.

Terima kasih Mr. Akoy. Don't know how to express this feeling. Erk! ^_^  *shy*
All I know you're the best husband in the world!

Terima kasih.. ^_^

Love is not as simple as candlelight and roses.. is day-to-day living, taking time, making time to be there, 
with open arms and giving a heart..
Love is the special life we share..

Knowing you will be with me all my Tomorrows, makes my Today so wonderful!

Happy anniversary!



  1. semoga kekal ke syurga ye kak. annivesary sama dengan mak cik nani. tarikh yang sama tahun pun yang sama. what a coinsidence ! Hahaha :P

  2. may Allah bless your marriage till the end :D

  3. Happy Anniversary Sue n hubby..semoga perkahwinan ini diberkati olehNya dan berkekalan hingga ke syurga...

  4. Happy anniversary.. doa semoga bahagia hingga ke jannah.. amin...