Hadirah's Life Update

Assalamualaikum. Cinta.

After two weeks of school she's finally getting familiar with her routine. She no longer cries when she's being sent to school. I'm so relieved. Phewsssss.. Now she having fun when she is at school. Every day she can't wait to go to school. Always asking her grandmother (Onie), what time is it, when she should go to school.. hurmmmm.. -___-

"pukul berapa ni Onie?"
"jarum jam yang panjang tu kat nombor 10 dengan nombor 4 baru la kakak gi sekolah" - Onie
"lambatnya Onie.. "
"bila nak pegi sekolah ni Onie.."

See.. she's nagging.. Fuh! Bersabar aje la..

For now, she's starting to learn how to spell the words and read books since she already knew the alphabet. Her teacher asked her to read a page with only one word "SAM" from her story book. But she's getting bored and insisted to read more than one page. Grrrr.. If we wrongly pronounce the word, she'll rectify our pronunciation and it was fun to tease her. Hahahaha.. 

When me and my husband visited her on weekends, she doesn't want to read the books. All she want is to play together with her papa. She doesn't want to learn anything with us around. -__-" When we asked her about how was her school, she refused to answered. Well.. it's ok because her auntie is there to teach her in weekdays. But sometimes, I also wants to be there and hear her telling stories of her school sessions.. What to do.. she doesn't want to tell us so, let it be.. Hanya bercerita sikit sikit je itupun kalau tanya banyak kali.. huhu..

I know.. she wants our full attention, so sometime perangainya sangat sangat menguji kesabaran. Merajuk, menangis, marah etc. But patience is the key. So, just ignoring her behavior and try to persuade her what she most like to do with us.

Oh! I'm going home to see her tomorrow. Early right? Ahaaa.. starting this Wednesday I'm on leave because of Chinese New Year's Day. Hadirah will also be on holiday starting this Wednesday until next Tuesday. Wow! Such a long holiday.. Beruntung kan..

I miss her so much walaupun baru semalam je balik ke sini.. Esok dah nak balik ke sana balik.. 

Till then, tata.


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