Assalamualaikum. Cinta.

Back at work after the super long weekend. It was a very busy weekend for me as we are returned to Mr. Akoy's hometown.

Such a long journey.. Fuhhhh.. Going to a few places with my in-laws and I will update about it in my blog one by one soon. So.. harap bersabar ye.. ^__^

Well.. so far alhamdulillah. Everything seems to fall into places walaupun kadang-kadang nampak cacat cela sedikit di beberapa bahagian dalam setiap perkara yang dilakukan. Is not easy.. *sigh* But.. it's ok. Just a bit more proper planning and a bit more hard work and I will get to where I want.

Will be back soon!



  1. Salam berblogging.. semoga segala urusan berjalan lancar... aamiin.. :)

  2. busy tu dari sisi baiknya maknanya hidup kita masih normal mcm org lain hehehe...