Learning How To Write ABC's

Assalamualaikum. Cinta.

Right now, me and my lovely husband is trying to teach Hadirah, how to write ABC's through the book that her grandma bought for her yesterday's morning. It is not an easy way to make it work but alhamdulillah, she managed to do it well.

She is a fast learner, we taught her only once and she managed to follow it well. So fast! I'm so proud of her. Even though it may not be perfect for a certain people but she can do it better than before. Remember one thing..she didn't go to the school yet but this is a good development of her education. This is her first step in education learning process and this is also my first time publishing my blog post in English.

The most important thing is we have to be patient and understanding of her behaviour. She seems not to be able to stay focused for longer than 5 minutes at a time. So, we can't force her to learn more about it because she will be bored with what she's doing. This process will take some time so will have to be patient and keep calm..

From what I've been doing with my daughter yesterday, I want to share a few tips in teaching the children who have not yet go to school like Hadirah. Maybe it will be slightly different from my experience.

This is from my observation on Hadirah's learning experience and also my opinion only, so it depends on you whether you want to follow it or not.. No hurt feeling ok ;)

1. Try to understand your child's behaviour first.
2. Always be patient and calm during the teaching sessions.
3. Find the right time for the teaching session. This is important because if he/she don't want to learn about anything, it will be difficult for us to teach them.
4. Try to make the lessons as interesting and challenging to your child as possible.
5. Always give them courage to do it right and slowly teach them to re-do if they do it wrong.
6. Compliment them if they do it right in first time, so they enjoy what they're doing.
7. If they don't want to continue the learning session, don't force them. Stop and continue later on.

Hopefully this will help the parents out there.. I'm also in a learning process too.. Hahahaha..

Oh! I forgot to tell you that Hadirah is only 3 years old. Next year she will go to the kindergarten. I'm so excited about it.. That's why I want to teach her a little bit of learning experience to try and prepare her as best as I can.

Good night!

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  1. Good for a start & gudluck to ur daughter. :)

  2. nampak kemas cara tulisannya.. good luck :)

  3. Tips yang berguna untuk ena pada masa hadapan. Serius ena sendiri pun tak reti nak ajar budak budak kecil.