My Main 2016 Resolutions


First of all, Happy New Year 2016!!

I'm so sorry because it is such a long time I didn't write any new entry since my last entry (1st September 2015 perhaps?). I'd loved to write in my blog but the "blogging mood" is far, far away.. T__T Everyday I have this feeling --> I have many idea pop out in my mind but my hand is too lazy to write it and my heart is too hurt to feel it.. Oh my! Why this is happened to me?

I don't know why I become like that even though every single day I open my blog and your blog (my dear blogger friends..) but I don't have any feeling to leave a comment and blogging about everything that happened in my life through out the year of 2015.. 

Oh my God! Please.. make me feel good about blogging again.. -__-"

So, for the new year 2016, I hope I will be more disciplines when it come to writing in my blog.. Please.. pray together with me ^__^

As for a start, here are my main 2016 Resolutions. This is just a part of my 2016 resolutions and I have more resolutions and objectives to achieve within a year. Hopefully all my resolutions and my objectives will be successfully achieve through out the year.. 

Pray for it Sue! You can do it! Keep it up! Don't give up! 

Main 2016 Resolutions :-

1. To be able to trust God fully keeping my faith.
2. To perform sunat prayers and do more charity work.
3. To teach my lovely daughters the wonders of life.
4. Read on knowledge that would make my work more interesting.
5. Attend social gatherings, reunions and fulfill wedding/party invitations.
6. Prepare a decent meal to feed my family at least for one meal a day.
7. Send surprise parcel to my loves one and also my besties.
8. I hope I can be a more forgiving person on 2016 for people who mistreated me and show more appreciation to those people who care about me.
9. Make the effort to spend quality time with  my family and make them happy.
10. Learn new skills and make new friends.
11. Will seriously start journaling (even though I don't know how to start it yet).
12. To be more organised in handling my own family and myself.
13. Get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
14. Read at least a book a month.
15. Blog - an entry per day at least.

So this is part of my resolutions and objectives.

Actually, I already divided all of my resolutions and objectives into small group such as family, life, personal, financial and etc. So I have more focus onto every group and hopefully every single things that I've jot down, I will successfully achieve it.

May Allah ease my 2016 journey.. ^__^ aamiin..

* planner from Paperdorable - Dream Planner (Pink Flamingo) *


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  1. may allah permudahkan everything for u :DDDD
    bestnya nak planner tu jgk!!! ahahaha